east coast gal & west coast gal

My fave glacial lake partner in crime
First bike ride aboard this American made horse of steel
Some midweek inspiration: a Dakota buffalo channeling Mufasa

Huge moon last night on the inlet. Saw my seal friend too!

The best day
Daily refrigerator reminder of Montana wolf advice while on the east coast. Missing my Washington ponytale!!!!
Nice sunny day at the caboose!!!!

Nice sunny day at the caboose!!!!

Another beautiful day on the Sound, but miss frolicking with my east coast ponytale!!!!!

Sunset on the inlet last night
Saying bye to Kelly!! SO incredibly sad to leave but so happy you’re on this new west coast adventure. Can’t wait to come visit 😊
Love this Eco-friendly, composting city!
Outside of the music museum

Some cool photos from the Seattle glass and music museums we hit today

The Kelly Experience ft. a dad

Spotted: Wall-e on top of the space needle